The Fear.

I am not sure if you ever heard the song “The Fear” by Ben Howard, but you should probably listen to it before reading this post.


I strolled across this song a week or so ago, and it was like, my whole life sort of clicked in the four minutes and twenty-two seconds it played through. It was like I finally realized what was wrong, I have been afraid for most of my life, and not the I-am-nineteen-and-still-afraid-of-the-dark kind of afraid, but perpetually afraid to take the next step kind of fear. No matter what I have started, I have at some point hit a wall that I have been hesitant to climb. I have been constantly scared of finding out what comes next in pretty much every aspect of my life.

I don’t know what happened exactly to cause this fear of continuing what I start, but it has to stop. I think everyone needs to really look at their fears, and figure out if its rational anymore to even have these fears. People need to stop worrying so much about what others say or do, and start worrying about themselves. That might sound selfish, but at some point you need to put your wants and needs first. You won’t ever move forward if you put yourself last.

  • You want to feel pretty? Stop listening to people who try to govern what pretty is, and figure out what pretty means to you. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, and to love the skin your in, as cheesy as that sounds.
  • You want to go to a certain college? Work for it, and don’t be afraid to fail. Everyone fails, its just how you handle yourself when you do.
  • You want to play a sport you never played before? Go out there and give it your all. Yes you might trip and fall, but get back up. People aren’t born champions, they fight to become one.

Honestly, all I want you to get out of this is to let go of fears that have been holding you back from what you want. It’s going to be scary, but it’ll be worth it.

“I will become what I deserve”